1. Instrument transformers, small transformers

Design, manufacture and sale of various types of synthetic resin insulated potential and current transformers for indoor and outdoor use from 0.72 up to 40.5 kV. The instrument transformers can also be produced for special purposes and upon request delivered with state verification.
Toroid and laminated transformers, if necessary synthetic resin casted from 5 VA up to 2000 VA.

2. Manufacture of components, commerce of installation materials

With our synthetic resin casting machinery we undertake the manufacture of various components and insulators (see here). In addition we also trade other installation materials.

3. Compact package transformer substations in prefabricated aluminium housing, installation, erection works

With our partners we undertake the delivery of compact prefabricated outdoor substations for electrical distribution up to 400 kVA transformer output, for rated voltage of 12/0.4 kV or 24/0.4 kV. Furthermore we undertake:
– supervision, maintenance, installation and putting into operation of medium voltage electrical equipments,
– supervision and verification of instrument transformers,
– complete maintenance and installation of medium voltage transformers, circuitbreakers and isolating switches.
– planning, laying and execution of cable systems,
– modernizing of accounting kilowatt meter equipments,
– planning, producing, putting into operation of low voltage equipments, distribution boards,
– other substation works.

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