About our firm

The essential intention of Transzvill Instrument transformer manufacturing and marketing closed Co. Ltd. is to supply the energy consumer and distribution companies with high quality measuring transformers, insulators, synthetic resin components and other products.

The establishment has considerable record in the past and can claim decades of experiences and wide ranging references. The range of the spiritual and functional predecessors has been opened by the workshop and office established in 1905, which in 1926 with its cooperating partner has founded the “AEG Union Magyar Villamossági Rt.”. From this by the end of the forties, the Transzvill Co. has been shaped which in 1964 was integrated into the “VBKM”.
The story continues, after the reorganisation of VBKM, with the VÁV switchgear Co. After the privatisation of the VÁV the Transzvill Ltd. emerged and later by capital increase the Transzvill Co. Ltd. In 2006 from the Transzvill closed Co. Ltd. the Transzvill Instrument transformer Manufacturing and Marketing closed Co. Ltd. separated.


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