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 Voltage transfoermer for indoor application designed in accodance with the prescriptions of the DIN 42600-9 standard.

General Description

The support type voltage transformer, consists of primary (medium voltage) and secondrary (low voltage) windings, built concentrically on a fully epoxy resin embedded link type core, produced of cold rolled grain oriented electrical steel is manufactured in single pole design on a coated metal baseplate. The windings and the terminals are made of copper.

The voltage transformer is suitable for indoor application for rated primary voltages from 3 kV to 10 kV, that is for maximum system voltages from 3,6 kV to 12 kV.

For supplying protective relays or other appliances. The secondary winding can be for measurement purposes, protective (for relays) or for produce residual voltages (earth fault signaling) or the combination of these. The accuracy classes for measurement can be 0,2, 0,5, 1 or 3, for protection 3P, 6P and for the winding for residual voltages 6P, and the instrument can be made with 1,2 or 3 secondary circles.

The voltage transformer is designed and manufactured to comply with the requirements of the effective Hungarian Standards MSZ EN 61869-1,-3 or EN 61869-1,-3, the previous MSZ EN 60044-2, IEC 186 and also with the DIN 42600-9. On the basis of common agreement it is also possible to manufacture according to other standards different from the aforementioned.


Packing, delivery

The current transformer is delivered in a finish suitable for use under normal climatic conditions, packed in corrugated paper boxes. Upon common agreement the delivery can be made in finish and packing suitable for the requested climatic zone.


Installation, operation

The voltage transformer can be installed by means of  4 pcs M10 bolts. The connection to the  terminal of the primary winding can be accomplished by an M10 bolt. The earth terminal of the primary coil is located next to the secondary terminals and to this the connection can be made by a wire with cable lug, sized for M5 bolt.

The size of the bolt used for the connection of the protective earthing is M8 and it is located on the side opposite to the secondary terminals. If necessary the ends of the secondary windings, marked with „n” can be earthed to the baseplate by an M5 bolt.

The plastic ratingplate is located above the secondary terminals and it contains the marking of the terminals as well. The secondary terminals are provided with a sealable plastic cover.

All the bolts and washers are coated. The earthing of the voltage transformer is obligatory. The earthing of the secondary windings must be accomplished in accordance with the effective local requirements.

Operation is possible keeping the prescriptions of the relevant security – labour – and property  – protection directives. Any faults and breakdowns emerging in the costumers sphere of interest due to breaching, disobeying the aforementioned, exemt the manufacturer from the warranty and quarantee lialibities.



The maintenance consists of works to be done according to the general rules for maintenance of indoor instrument and equipments. These are:

  • periodical inspection of contamination
  • cleaning depending on the degree of impurity
  • inspection of the surfaces
  • tightening the bolts of the primary and secondary connections
  • tightening the fastening and the earthing bolts.


State verification

The secondary windings of the current transformers in class 0,2, 05,  are manufactured in finish suitable for verification. The verification  will be made only on special request. In this case it will be accomplished and documented by an official seal or an affixed verification stamp by the state office for measurement.


Data to be supplied with the order

  • type
  • rated insulation level
  • rated primary and secondary voltages
  • number, accuracy class, output of the secondary windings
  • voltage factor
  • quantity
  • requested term of delivery


Other or special requirements

  • the climate zone of use other than normal
  • language of the rating plate
  • packing
  • number of pieces and sort of the documentation requested


Warranty period, guarantee

The warranty period is 12 months. Upon mutual agreement of the parties it can be otherwise established.


Technical data


Rated voltage (network)      3 kV      6 kV      10kV
Highest voltage for equipment    3,6 kV   7,2 kV      12kV
Rated primary voltage

Rated secondary voltage


100/√3,  110/√3

Power frequency withstand voltage(r.m.s.)      10 kV    20 kV    28 kV
Lightning impulse withstand voltage (peak)       40 kV   60 kV   75 kV
Accuracy class                   measurements


     0,2, 0,5, 1

3P, 6P

Winding to produce residual voltage ( earth fault signaling                                  rated voltage


accuracy class


100/3V   110/3V

25VA        30VA


Power limit of the voltage transformer 400VA
Voltage factor 1,9Un/ for 8 hours operating time
Insulation class B
Number of circuits which can be verified 2
Dimensions (lxwxh mm) 375x148x220
Mass(kg) ~27


Rating Plate

  • material: plastic
  • dimensions: 01 x75 x 90 mm
  • markings: printed


Accuracy classes of the different rated outputs


One circuit

Output VA 5 10 15 25 30 50 75 150 200
Accuracy class 0,2 0,2 0,2 0,2 0,5 0,5 0,5 1 1


Two circuits

Maximal secondary loading current (Imax)

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